Claes on its way to the screening

Oct 15, 2016Exhibitions, Travel

Now it’s our turn to tell the world….

Today it is Claes turn to be one of the distinguish speakers at the Xposure event. Xposure boasts of a panel of experts in the field, both professionals, and protegees in photography. With various seminars to choose from every day across different photography genres, there’s a lot to absorb and learn. From photographic trends, visual thinking, industry challenges and more!

Today’s topic for Claes was to tell the audience about his background, work and talk about his vision. The theme was called “Challenge the Sun.” The audience was listening to Claes story, and the session concluded with a Q & A section where interesting questions from the public was asked.

The moderator was Bjoern Lauen. Bjoern´s work had been published in national and international media such as National Geographic Kids, The Guardian, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal and further more. His photography is part of various books – such as the successful 911LOVE Porsche book. His aerial work has been used in various international films and publications. Bjoern is a member of the Rotary Club and a supporter of selected entrepreneur owned small business that is innovative and creative. Bjoern is a regular contributor to UAE-based Phocal Media. He was twice a finalist for the prestigious HIPA Award.