Challenge the sun at Skydive Dubai

Jan 30, 2017Exhibitions, Photography

Gyrocopter photo shoot at Skydive Dubai

After weeks of preparations and a lot of logistic work, we attend the first Xposure International Photography Festival. After our festival week up in Sharjah we relocated to Dubai for week two. There we joined with our new friends at Skydive Dubai for some exiting evaluation photography project.

The objectives were to create a new set of appealing images for their successful gyrocopter operations. Normally this is done with the light coming from behind, but as you all know by now, our specialty is the opposite. We are positioning the objects in front of the sun to achieve a more dynamic expression and to deliver a true attention grabber into the toolbox of marketing.

Together with enthusiastic help from the local management at Skydive Dubai, we manage to do both a sunset- and sunrise photo session. The typical timeframe using our technique is very short on this southern latitude because of the short duration of the ideal light conditions. Therefore, the preparation and scouting for the right position for the shots are crucial. We performed preparations some days ahead of the actual photo shoot and managed to get the positions and the exact timing right.

We also rehearsed with the pilot of the gyrocopter the day before to get him comfortable where to fly and fine tune the right angles and optimal flight paths. This project was the first one for us in the region and consider the budget and timeframe we are pleased with the result and plan to come back and continue with other commercial clients. See more about the shoot at my LinkedIn.

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